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Root Canal

A root canal treatment is the process of removing the infected diseased, or dead pulp from the root of a tooth. If a root canal is not performed on an infected pulp, the infection will spread to the rest of the tooth and the entire tooth will need to be extracted.

A root canal treatment consists of the creation of an access hole in the tooth, the cleaning and refilling of root canals, and the placement of a filling.

Dental Implants and Partial Dentures

There are several options for replacing missing teeth. Two of those options are dental implants and partial dentures.

 Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. These implants consist of a metal anchor that is screwed into the bone and a crown that is attached to the anchor. Dental implants are only successful when there is enough underlying bone structure to support the implant. 

Partial dentures are a permanent but removable solution for missing teeth. Partial dentures consist of one false tooth or several false connected by a metal framework and attached to a pink base. A partial denture may be used when surrounding teeth are not strong enough for a bridge and bone structure is not sufficient for an implant.



Crowns are used to cover and protect damaged teeth. Crowns are often placed on teeth that are broken, stained, poorly shaped, or misaligned. Crowns are also placed on teeth with large fillings and teeth that have had root canals.

Crowns can be made of metal, composite resin, gold, porcelain, or porcelain fused to metal. With proper care, a crown can last up to ten years.

Composite resin is used to create crowns for teeth that are highly visible. These crowns can be customized to match the natural tooth structure using a special color-matching system. Composite resin crowns are not as strong as metal or gold crowns, so they are less effective and more prone to damage when they are placed on high-impact teeth.

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